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De-sign (di-zin) v. - to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully.

While Mr. Webster's definition of design is simple and straightforward, it leaves ample room for personal interpretation. During my 40-year-plus career in architecture, I have developed my own design philosophy, which comprises the following premises:
     1. Site, function, and form are inextricably linked.

The building's form complements the site and reflects the building's purpose; the site influences the building's form and enhances its function. The composition of a building should respond to its environment and be designed in context with its surroundings. Too often building designs are accomplished for their street presence and how well they will look in magazines and not how well they orient to the site and respond to solar exposures, winds and topography. Good site design is part of great architecture.

In the design of any project, all users must be heard.
Programming - soliciting input from everyone who will use the building - is probably the most important phase of the design process. It is necessary to emphasize the importance of the programming phase in any design, as it establishes the foundation from which to build the design approach. It is here that the goals, facts, needs, and concepts of the client/user are identified and documented. This phase creates the roadmap for the designer to take in establishing the process of arriving at a solution to the problem being stated.

     3. A team, not an individual, develops a design solution.

The designer orchestrates the design process. He/she coordinates the client's needs, government guidelines, building codes and ordinances, architectural staff, consultants, budgets, site constraints, timelines and deadlines, weather impacts, and more. Each of the above plays a role in the design process and affects the ultimate solution. A successful design is not the culmination of one individual's ideas and concepts but that of many. The success of a really great designer is his ability to use the talents of many in achieving the skillful solution required for a successful design. The talents of the users, engineers and local officials become part of the designer's tools in achieving a skillful and well-crafted design.

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